From seedy clubs to arena tours, independent releases turning into a number 1 hit, legendary studios around the word to the dark recluse of a private studio buried under walls of instruments: these are the faces of Voldo Blanka, and the journey that has led to a new and enthralling piece of musical work.

The emergence of this new body of work is dark, but beautiful; melodic yet disturbing.  This selection of songs are grounded in electronica, but push the boundaries of the genre: ethereal at times, and auditory violence at others.  Comparable perhaps to elements of early Daft Punk, Bjork and The Knife; the resulting fusion is unique to Voldo Blanka.

Voldo Blanka cut his teeth performing as a vocalist and notable multi-instrumentalist with prowess on over a dozen instruments.  While on tour in the coldest winter on record, a unique incident forced his hand to begin a long period of seclusion.  It was in this window that Voldo Blanka’s true emergence occurred.  While recovering, he composed at a prolific rate utilizing the instruments within reach and using nothing other than his mind to fill in what he couldn’t grasp.  As his vision appeared, Blanka leaned on his years of production experience to capture and design the sounds that came to him in the near fever dreams of his coalescence.

The accompanying music video for the song “Go Your Way” was filmed in Los Angeles, California by acclaimed director Nathan Kim, and stars Gracie Stewart whose extensive dance career has taken her around the world on the biggest tours in pop music. And the video for ‘i am not me’ comes from shooting in india, los angeles, and the Mojave Desert.

Voldo Blanka lives.